Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Open Memo to "Men."

DISCLAIMER: If you are offended to the point of anger, that probably means you see yourself in here a bit. Just kidding.

As an introvert I have grown to embrace the fact that I'm on a totally different wavelength than most people, certainly from most black women. My first celebrity crush was Peter Gabriel for God's sake. Despite this I actually have a semblance of a life, filled with the soap opera-ish hijinks of my small but close, goofy family and even goofier friends which act as a pleasant distraction from the hell-hole I currently reside in.

I recently added dating to this mishmosh, with enlightening yet depressing results. I have a question to ask to the so-called men out there: You give yourselves away so quickly, why go the charade of dating to get sex? Wouldn't it be better to rent a hooker for a half an hour? It would be waaaaaaaay cheaper than a RealDoll, don't have to take her out to dinner, hell, you don't even have to remember her name. The ones I manage not to scare away think because I'm black and have "the ass" that I'm a rap video girl who'll fuck them immediately and they can see what it's like, maybe they think my pussy is on another part of my body, maybe fucking a black woman will be completely different than fucking any other woman in general - WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ASSHOLES?!! IS EVERY GUY WHO IS NOT MARRIED AT THIS POINT IN SPACE AND TIME LIKE THIS!??! AND THEN YOU COCKSUCKERS HAVE THE NERVE TO COP AN ATTITUDE WHEN THINGS DON'T GO YOUR WAY, YOU STUPID, CHILDISH FUCKS!!! DO ANY OF YOU STOP AND THINK HOW PATHETIC AND SHORTSIGHTED THIS WAY OF THINKING IS!?? GET A GODDAMNED HOOKER YOU LOWLIFES!!!!!

Annnnnnnnnd stop, breathe... .... I guess my anger stems from the rejection from the lemming that I know I'm better off without anyway, but it's still rejection and it still hurts and it happens A LOT. Yeah, I'm angry, because it's always one way or the other. It's all about the images, don't think you are immune. Black women have the least representation. We're either video sluts or baby-mamas or the cold-fish/mammy Oprahs. By this society's eyes the only black women deserving of love are mixed! Since America is a country of lemmings, this is how most people think, including other blacks. Black men are just as pathetic, buying into this idea even more so, turning their backs on who they are and where they came from to obtain the white prize. Hell, in a way, I dont' blame them, and quite frankly I'll take Peter Gabriel (circa 1986) over Wesley Snipes, from the asthetic standpoint alone, just don't suggest my standards are too high and that I should date the thug on the bus because I'm a sellout if I don't - FUCK YOU!!!!!