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Re: What happens in the end? image for user TheSolarSailor by TheSolarSailor » Wed Sep 5 2012 02:16:47 Flag ▼ | Reply | IMDb member since May 2004 Tetsuo's powers become uncontrollable, just as Kiyoko (the blue girl) had warned him that it would. The psychic children were given drugs to keep their powers under control and to prevent an awakening that could endanger others, hence the reason they were shriveled and blue and basically kept in a state of muted growth. The destruction of Tokyo was the result of an awakening by Akira back in 1988, and the General hoped to prevent this from ever happening again while they studied the phenomenon. Tetsuo was older and his awakening happened very quickly, and the scientist did not have time to get him under control. Tetsuo had huge self-esteem problems, and when he became aware of the power he wielded, he sought to then do whatever he pleased and never be dependent again. This is why there was a conflict between he and Kanada, as he resented the way Kaneda always had to help him as he could not achieve things on his own. The blue kids (Masura, Takashi, and Kiyoko) made a mistake in trying to kill Tetsuo early on due to Kiyoko's vision of future events, as they may possibly have been able to help him understand and control his powers. Their attack lead to his going crazy and rejecting what they were trying to warn him about. His rapidly mutating body was the result of his power becoming utterly uncontrollable. Akira, having still managed to live as a consciousness despite being dissected, was reawakened thanks to Tetsuo's interference, and he is actually more powerful than Tetsuo. The explosion of Akira's power enveloped Tetsuo and also destroyed Neo-Tokyo again just like what had happened back in 1988. But it was a small price to pay to prevent the uncontrollable flesh blob that was now Tetsuo from doing even more damage. Kaneda was trapped inside the sphere of energy and experienced Tetsuo's life, his fears, his needs, his hurt, his dependency, everything, and it helped Kaneda to better understand why he had acted as he did and why he felt so much resentment. When the children entered the sphere to save Kaneda, they knew they would not be able to escape it. Their presence enabled Kaneda to also experience their lives through their memories...the testing, the development of the powers, everything. here you can see where they had once been normal children before the drugs were administered that would mute their growth. It's sad and tragic, and Kaneda gets to experience this all. They succeed in pushing Kaneda out of the sphere, and it is then implied that Akira sends Tetsuo to a place where he can be content and cause no more harm. We assume that Akira is there with him, and it is implied that Tetsuo becomes a new galaxy. somewhere out in the universe. basically, there is a lot to the evolution of the mind that enables these children to tap into things much greater than our human minds can comprehend. The army is studying this power and know that it is great, but even they have very little understanding. The universe is huge and full of mystery, and our experience on Earth in the fleshly form is merely tapping the surface. I know I may have explained some things that you already knew, but I just wanted to go over everything as I see it and understand it. The comic book manga goes into a great deal more detail than the movie does. The movie only scratches the surface of the material. The DVD by Pioneer has a supplement section that explains some things, and it is material taken from the actual manga. If I remember correctly, Tetsuo grandfather was was one involved in the experiment from the 1980s, and the gene that enables this psychic power skipped a generation and manifested in Tetsuo. I am not sure without doing research, but maybe some other users who know the manga can shed better light on that. Let me know if you agree with what I wrote and perhaps we can debate if you have a different idea or interpretation. [smile]

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