Friday, December 30, 2011

Not mine.. the late Mr. Bodolai

Things I Think Will Happen Next Year

Sales of Mayan Calendars up  for 2012, drop for 2013.
Martial Law in the USA, first probably in Louisiana
Depression greater than that of the 30’S
More wars for Israel, our rulers. Probably Syria soon.
War with Iran (!) for Israel may trigger WW3 conflict with Russia
World Supply of Band Names will run out
Americans will go along with this, but resisters will be FEMA camped.
America the one I loved, the one my dad fought for on Omaha Beach on D-DAY, the man who helped take out the machine guns on the cliff, won’t be alive to see young men wearing uniforms and BE the enemy he fought.
Fascism will be America. It already is. Simple definition: When government rules over corporations, that’s socialism. When corporations use government that, my friends, is fascism.
Foreign troops may likely be used in popular insurrections.
Snooki will have another “book”.

Stuff I Would Like to Have Seen In My Life
Truth about 9-11. THREE buildings went down that day. Building 7 wasn’t even hit.
Indians winning a World Series (OK, not so bad since my Jays won two in a row!)
Browns winning a Super Bowl
Truth about the JFK murder
Young people mobilizing for change instead of watching E!
USA not being Israel’s puppet bully.

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Genius for the Bizarre?" can I use this?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bless you for your anger
For it is a sign of rising energy.
Direct not to your family, waste not on your enemy.
Transform the energy to versatility
And it will bring you prosperity.

Bless you for your sorrow
For it is a sign of vulnerability.
Share not with your family, direct not to yourself.
Transform the energy to sympathy
And it will bring you love.

Bless you for your greed
For it is a sign of great capacity.
Direct not to your family. Direct not to the world.
Transform the energy to giving.
Give as much as you wish to take,
And you will receive satisfaction.

Bless you for your jealousy
For it is a sign of empathy
Direct not to your family, direct not to your friends.
Transform the energy to admiration
And what you admire
Will become part of your life

Bless you for your fear
For it is a sign of wisdom.
Do not hold yourself in fear.
Transform the energy to flexibility
And you will be free
From what you fear.

Bless you for your search of direction
For it is a sign of aspiration.
Transform the energy to receptivity
And the direction will come to you.

Bless you for the times you see evil.
Evil is energy mishandled and it feeds on your support.
Feed not and it will self-destruct.
Shed light and it will cease to be.

Bless you for the times you feel no love.
Open your heart to life anyway
and in time you will find
love in you.

Bless you, bless you, bless you.
Bless you for what you are.
You are a sea of goodness, a sea of love.
Count your blessings every day for they are your protection
Which stands between you and what you wish not.
Count your curses and they will be a wall
Which stands between you and what you wish.

The world has all that you need
And you have the power
to attract what you wish.
Wish for health, wish for joy.
Remember you are loved.

I love you!


Merry Christmas (whatever that is for you). Be happy in your skin.

"I had romantic wishes at one time or another. But they faded away, and now I am ever thankful for it completely. I just to much of a complicated, obnoxious person to be with, and besides humans annoy me to no end.
Society has taught us in order to be happy you have to be with the special someone, somethings wrong with you. The opposite is exact about you. You can be happy, single, and living it up without having the house, husband and kids to watch over. I like the quiet, and i will love the quiet and the sound of a moonlight night. Without human beings."


Saturday, December 24, 2011

This is for everyone who doesn't know what was written on the chalkboard in Fanta Claus is Coming to Town:

jdi se vymrskat do Zoo Nedomrd!   Jdi se vymrskat do Zoo ~ Jerk-off in the Zoo

Skoc do zdi!

he skeeted on that sign haha, in czech, skoc do zdi! means "jump into the wall!'


Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Said it before, say it again, MEN SUCK!!!

When did men turn into such scared pussies? The black ones think they're all that even when they look like that demon Little Wayne, the white ones are afraid of everything and everyone else feel they don't have to say anything, they think you'll jump for them (the guys who belong to the don't-say-anything-bad-about-them-even-though-they-hate-Christ religion are particulary good for that). How do you meet someone online and communicate for over a week, only to punk out because you expect the woman to fucking RUN to you?! You REALLY don't want to make any effort to meet her halfway? REALLY FAGGOT?!!!

...ahhhhhhh, that felt good. God forgive me.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NOT mine:

"Church should be in your heart, not a building where some man is telling you how to live and his life is probably more messed up than yours."

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Osw. Slave, (3:53) Thou hast slain me:- villian, take my purse. If ever thou wilt thrive, (4:02) bury my body, and give the (4:05) letters which thous findest about me to (4:08) Edmund Earl of Gloster. (4:10) Seek him out upon the British party. :- O, (4:14) Untimely Death!
Edg. (4:23) I know thee well, a (4:25) serviceable villain. As duteous to the (4:27) vices of thy mistress as badness would desire.
Glo. What, is he dead?
Edg. (4:31) Sit you down father, rest you. (Ends) Let's see these pockets, the letters that he speaks of may be my friends.. He's dead. I am only sorry he had no other deaths man.

King Lear :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

if you reverse genders... very powerful indeed

" Always think positive. Perhaps dating is not for you. Perhaps dating is not for you, now. When you are getting older and less bitter, some doors and keys for the womens world will open. I believe that there is a special meaning for each of us. Our existence does matter, single, lonely or not. Dont hop into that "then when I'll get the girl..."- talk because the only time is now. Stop being bitter, angry, resistant to change and hateful. Now I know that being single in a flawed point of view is worse than losing someone you love. Afterall, the second person at least experienced true romance for awhile.

The truth is that its better to be single than in a bad relationship. I believe to the absolute core of my soul that modern women are that of a pretty low quality. They are intellectually modest, whiny in conversations and depressing company. You could waste months with a bad mood because modern women are verbally aggressive. I also believe, that we, love shy's should just give up  . We have learnt to cope with being by ourselves and a relationship would be toxical or out of the question for us, because we're better off single. You can work, study and hang out with friends. Give up. When you have neutralized all them negative thoughts about women, your "company worth" as I like to call it, will raise to the max. 

My own choice for an adulthood life, rather, would be that of a life loving and caring life is without parent responsibilities or mood "stabilizers" with being in a relationship with a bitchy woman, is life as a single. You are much better off single. For now. Keep the gates open. Dont force yourselves to play any fucking PUA games or squeezing yourself into the modern market standards. Thats just wasted life, love and time. Life is a gift. The only time is now. Create some legendary and epic moments for the upcoming New Year 2011. I am only offering the short cut for your life than wasting precious years studying all the PUA, Cosmopolitan and bad boy crap that is out there.

Bottom line: Create a meaningful life based on different aspects than what would be a relationship with a girl. Its rarely without any drama so just settle with being single. Free yourself from the "male model" and other media demands and feel free to delve upon lifes high atmospheres. Life IS refutable. Your life is your life so it matters. It IS without a woman for now so dont get delusional or play the "what if"- game or the victim. Own your life and stand tall. Be brave. Fight till the bitter end. Cus life wont wait."

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I gotta lay off going down memory lane via YouTube...

...I dreamt I was in a deep conversation about the theme for Dynasty with a guy who looked a little too much like Stephen Colbert.

...and the alarm went off - again...