Sunday, March 31, 2013

"There are two dilemmas... that rattle the human skull. How do you hold onto someone who won't stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?"

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Obamao Ocarter Imam in Chief AKOTUS (Ass Kicker Of The United States) Alfred E. Obama Anointed One, The Anti-Founder, The B. Hussein Obama B.O. B-Ho Bacrack Obama Bambi Bammy Bamster, The Barack Ilyich Lenin Barack O'Change Obama Barack The Magic Negro Barack The Wealth Spreader Barack W. Bush Barack Ovomit Barack Oralbama Barack Obabykiller Barack Oralsex Barack Omelonpatch Bareass Banana Barky Barrack Inseinn O'bowdown Barrack SoVain Obama Barry Soetoro Barry Obowdown, the im-POTUS BoBo the Clown Bobblehead-in-Chief Bowing Barry Sotero Boy President, The Brak Brokeback Insane O'Bummer Bystander-in-Chief, The Captain Clueless Captain KickassCaptain Kickass Captain Teleprompter Carter 2.0 Chairman Zero Chairman Mau-Mau Chairman Bao Chairman Bow Che Obama Chicago Thug-in-Chief, The Chicago Charlatan, The Chief Walking Eagle Chimpy the Kenyan Chosen One, The Commander-in-Thief, The Community-Organizer-in-Chief, The Comrade Obama Comrade Chairman Osama bin Bite-Me D'OHbama Dear Leader Dear Reader Demagogue-in-Chief, The Depression President, The Dr. DoNothingDr. DoNothing Dr. Utopia Duh One Dumbo Ear Leader, The Emperor Barack I Empty Suit, The Empty-Suit-in-Chief, The Fraud, The Fraudbama Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, The Gelding-in-Chief, The General Zod (Kneel before him!) Gerbil President, The God, Jr. Greasespot Great Fraud, The His O'liness His Phoniness His Travesty His "O"ily-ness His Holiness Pinocchio Obama Hopenchange Hopey-Dopey-Change Goof, The Hopiate of the Masses, The Hussein HopenChangen Jimmy Carter 2.0 Joker, The Jug Ears Kenyan, The Kenyan Kid, The Kid Clueless King Barack I Brak ObamaKing Zero Leper Messiah, The Liar-in-Chief, The Lightbringer, The Lightworker, The Lord Hussein Obimbo Lyin' King, The Man-Child, The Man-Child President, The Maobama Mau-Mauer-in-Chief, The Messiah, The Milhouse Mr. Potato Head My Main Marxist No-Cojone Pony, The No-Go Mojo Man, The Nobama Nutless Wonder, The O'Carter O'Chavez O-BOW-ma O-boy O-cialist, The OMGWTF OOO (Occupant of the Oval Office; a.k.a. "Triple O") ObaMao Obama bin Laden Obama bin Lyin' Obama Won Kabuki Obama Osama Obama-Lama-Ding-Dong Obama-one Yaphony Obamadinejad Obamafail Obamahammed Obamandias Obamanocchio Obamanure Obamaramadingdong Obamateur Obamawankenobi Obambi Obamenbashi Obamessiah, The Obaminable Obamination Obammunist, The Obammy Obarfo Obeyme Obie bum Kabrokie Obimbo Oblahblah Oblowme Obomba ObowmaObowa Obowma Obozo the Clown Obroccoli Obumbles the Clown Obumma Obummer Obysmal Oclueless Odopey Odrama Odumbass Odumbo Odummy OediPOTUS Wrecks Ogabe Oh Bow Low Oh-Blah-Muhhhh Oilbama Oilbowma Oilslick Obama Ol' Jug Ears OmniPresident, The One Big Ass Mistake, America One, The One Big Awful Mistake, America Osama Obama Ovomit Owebama Owebowmao PBO POSOTUS Pantload-in-Chief, The PeeWee Petulant POTUS, The Precedent, The Precedent Uhhhhbama (Peace be upon him) PresiDEBT of the United States President Christ Superstar President Doubtfire President Nancypants President Pantywaist President PeeWee President P├ętain President Pitching Wedge President Poppins President Punk President Ron Burgundy President Seven Iron President Hopenchange President HopeNGrovel President Diapers Presidunce, The Promptee, The Punk, The Grinning Obama caricatureRainbow King, The Redistributor-in-Chief, The Silver-Tongued Emir of Eloquence, The Solomon Obama Sparky Spineless Wonder, The Squanderer-in-Chief, The Teh One Teh Won Teleprompter of the U.S. (TOTUS) Teletubbie-in-Chief, The Thug-in-Chief, The Turkmenbama Unicorn King, The Urkel Usurper-in-Chief, The Waffles The Clown Whacky Barracky Wizard of Uhhs, The Zero

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

(Belated) Picture of the Day

Booze.... now in vibrant colors!