Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Should I Detox? Answer Below (NOT me)"

"advice: don't do it.

The only benefits from fasting (in my opinion) would be mental/spiritual, but from a strictly physical stand point...fasting is neutral at best. The body doesn't require any detoxing, that's what your liver/kidneys/GI tract are for. Whatever weight you lose would be water weight, which you would quickly regain once you resume eating. Why put yourself through starved, weakened, misery to just drop a few lbs of water weight?

You would do yourself a huge favor to just resume eating in a healthy manner, and engage in regular physical activity."

Three Quotes In Defense of Windows Vista

"No it's really amazing how much it WASN'T a fail. Why does everyone bash Vista? Sure it wasn't the successor to XP we expected it to be, but it wasn't as bad as the rep it got. It wasn't stable at release but once SP1 came out things got ironed out. I had 0 issues with UAC. They attempt to make the OS more secure...people complain, they don't make the OS secure...people still complain. *Most* people who complained had machines with crap specs."

"0 Issues with Vista as well... Used it for 4 years.

Bad Press, and I'm a Mac commercials to blame for it's rep...

Became a self fulfilling prophecy as well. People open a new PC it's slow and shitty, because of its already bad rep people blamed vista, when it's was probably the fault of the Bloatware the OEM put on..."

"Another happy Vista user. I have Vista on 2 of my computers and Win7 on my last one. I honestly DO NOT SEE a difference at all at this point in time.

The two are very similar operating systems. Sure theres a UAC prompt here and there and maybe the interface is slightly different, but other than that, exactly the same."

Friday, October 14, 2011

NOT me, but...

" Ladies get a f**king clue. If ALL a man, regardless of his race, religion, color, nationality is talking about is how many ways from Sunday he wants to do you and you him, if EVERY conversation dissolves into a discussion about his penis and your mouth, if being his “freind” on facebook means he has the right to talk to you like you’re a ten dollar hooker ready to give him a taste of some big ‘ole black booty, he is a douche and you have SERIOUS ISSUES regarding self-esteem and how you value yourself.

Being “adult” does not ipso facto mean you HAVE TO ALWAYS TALK ABOUT SEX and in the most flithy and degrading way possible. Geeez are we in junior high school or something ?!"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Every church teaches false doctrines (not me)

"It doesn't matter what denomination you are in, and it doesn't matter if your denomination claims that it isn't a denomination. Every church is part of a denomination, even the "non-denominational" ones and the so-called independent autonomous ones, because independent autonomous churches are loosely associated with others of similar doctrine, and thus fit the definition of a denomination. They can all be traced back to the catholic church, even baptists and the so-called restorationist churches, and so they are all the whore's offspring. No matter what church you are in, rest assured that it preaches at least one or another false doctrine. They all have some truth, but they all also have some falsehoods mixed in. The only church that matters is the Church that consists of those who worship God in spirit and in truth, no matter what denomination they may be affiliated with. This truth is not what some committee, creed, headquarters, or man decides to be truth, but what the Holy Spirit reveals to the believer through the word of God and also through direct revelation. Of course, everyone interprets the word of God a little bit differently, but that is fine, because the Father seeks those who worship him in spirit and in truth. Everyone's truth may be a little bit different, but as long as you truly believe what you say you believe, and love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, that is all that matters. The Holy Spirit will reveal more truth to you in God's time, as only he can tell if you are ready to receive a certain truth or not. Everyone is at a different level in their pursuit of truth. However, you must not ever close your heart and your mind to further revelations of truth, because if you have closed your eyes believing that what you have already is all the truth there is and that everything you believe is correct, then the Holy Spirit will not reveal any more truth to you, and you will persist in your error. Your pride in having knowledge of truth will not allow any further truth to be revealed to you. All denominations are wrong about something, and every individual believer is wrong about something as well. No human being is capable of receiving all spiritual truth in this earthly life, and the absence of the totality of all truth assures that there will be some degree of error in our beliefs. You can have 99% of the light, but there will still be 1% darkness. To assume that any further truth you receive will only add to the supposed truth you already have is foolishness. Open your mind to the possibility of error, and humble yourself, and then the Holy Spirit will be able to reveal more truth to you."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Uncertainty is more stressful than being certain that you have no hope.

If you are sure there is no escaping your fate, you don’t have to plan, or carefully make decisions, or consider the consequences of appeasing your enemy, or analyze potentially dangerous situations, or question your assumptions, or confront your abusers, or stand against the crowd.

That, along with the sympathy victims might get, is why martyrdom is comfortable."