Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Email to my sister

My kitty hung out with me all day in the bedroom yesterday watching tv. I figured what the heck, we had a good time and I didn't want to close the door on her at bedtime... after I turned off all the lights I cracked the bedroom door. She waltzed in and immediately jumped on the bed and picked her corner. So far so good, gave me a nose rub goodnight and we settled in. Around five-ish a.m., I woke with a start, noticing some pressure on my leg. Then I moved some more and she POUNCES on my leg! Moved it again and she did it yet again, teeth and all! Um - owwwwww!!! I literally kicked her off the bed. Actually saw her fly off, pretty funny actually. She dusted herself off, and walked out to her litterbox. I jumped up and closed the door, lower limbs safe once again.

Methinks I won't try again til she's a bit older and she tones down the dreams of being a tiger on the Serenghetti and pretending my legs and feet are zebras.