Friday, April 8, 2011

WHAT... with the anti-abortion campaigns in BLACK communities? I doubt that my favorite blogs are going to touch this, but I wonder...

1. black women have enough problems and the hoodrats will keep producing regardless so they definitely don't need to see this propaganda.

2. if blacks are (still) so despised*, why would there be a concerted effort to keep more coming?

3. if there has there been a slowdown in arrests of black kids? The Prison-Industrial-Complex is pretty successful, can't let the numbers go low perhaps?

Look, I am a proud Christian woman (with a jacked-up sense of humor), but I have to say Christians of all colors have a tendency to go after the symptom instead of the cause and it angers me.

There is something truly insidious going on with this. Is it bashing black women? absolutely. I'm certainly not seeing this campaign going in other communities, but there is something more... Mind you, I'm not one of those "conspiracy by the man" types; I LOVE "the man" (especially if they're English), but Blacks are being targeted here for a reason.

just wait...

*not without reason, mind you. Aforementioned hoodrats and DeKwan and LaShawnda acting like animals and bringing animals into the world, not to mention the "old heads" that refuse to do shit about it.