Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Quotes In Defense of Windows Vista

"No it's really amazing how much it WASN'T a fail. Why does everyone bash Vista? Sure it wasn't the successor to XP we expected it to be, but it wasn't as bad as the rep it got. It wasn't stable at release but once SP1 came out things got ironed out. I had 0 issues with UAC. They attempt to make the OS more secure...people complain, they don't make the OS secure...people still complain. *Most* people who complained had machines with crap specs."

"0 Issues with Vista as well... Used it for 4 years.

Bad Press, and I'm a Mac commercials to blame for it's rep...

Became a self fulfilling prophecy as well. People open a new PC it's slow and shitty, because of its already bad rep people blamed vista, when it's was probably the fault of the Bloatware the OEM put on..."

"Another happy Vista user. I have Vista on 2 of my computers and Win7 on my last one. I honestly DO NOT SEE a difference at all at this point in time.

The two are very similar operating systems. Sure theres a UAC prompt here and there and maybe the interface is slightly different, but other than that, exactly the same."