Monday, October 22, 2012

Reblogging because it's the truth...NOT MINE!

"I just want to add this, many men have a wrong view of what it means to ‘lead’ a family. They think that’s being authoritarian and bossing folks around. But leading as a man in family means, you lead in sacrifice, you lead in loving, you lead in serving, you lead in giving. That’s what it means to lead a family and I’m sorry many some folks don’t deserve that title nor do they deserve to be respected or followed by the women they supposed to be leading. If a man did all those things that a leader should do in a family, he wouldn’t have one ounce of issues with his wife. She’d be happy, so she would be onboard.

I’m a strong woman and very independent and have always been so. But when I met Matt and we decided to go into a serious relationship that has now lead to marriage and it happened without an argument or even an side-eye from me. You don’t have to force her, she will naturally go. Women want to be taken care of by their men and real men want to take of their women, but most women don’t trust the man to do it especially when he shows no willingness to do it. People are always acting like bw are forcing their will down bm’s throats. Leading your household is not anything you have to make a woman get behind, if you do it and do it well, it just happens naturally. As strong, capable, and independent as I am Matt is a leader and it didn’t take any convincing on his part for me to let him lead. It was a relief to tell the truth, in ex-marriage I had to lead b/c he was incapable of doing so. I was so happy to have a man, be the man, he didn’t have to convince me. He takes care of business, why the hell would any woman fight that and if she does she’s certifiably stupid. And if a man is deserving of a leadership role, it will make itself known in him. He won’t have to convince or cajole, he will just do. I’m tired of this talk and no action, if you doing the actions of a leader, how do ppl argue with that but my thought is that since many bm aren’t raised by fathers that showed leadership they have no idea what it means to lead a family. You have to be taught that."