Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rare Wisdom from Lipstickalley:

" I belive there are enough straight men out here for the woman who are meant to be married. Let's be honest not everybody is meant to married. But the ones who are wouldn't have a problem marrying straight men if they stopped searching and let themselves be found. stop letting people and the media pressure them into marriage. And if they would stop just marrying the first man that's nice to them. I know couples that got desperate and just married each because that's who was around. Some married cheaters, gay men, etc. not because those were the people they were meant to marry but because they got tired of waiting and that's just who they could find at the moment. I will admit most women who are searching for husbands in the church will never marry the right man for them. Sometimes you just have live your life (outside of the church) enjoy it and the right man find you. If you're always in church searching then you could be missing out on what's truly meant for you."