Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The List of Toms

I'm feeling pissy today, between one of my favorite cartoons taking a major turn for the worse and pandering (Boondocks) to the continued bullshit on the radio (Michael Baseden and Wendy Williams), as a black woman, I'm am fed up. I'm thinking up about putting up a list of all these black "personalities" who take it upon themselves to degrade the race on a daily basis. The names mentioned above will become the first of my "List of Toms," and I will catalog their antics as a handy-dandy reference guide to remind myself and others as to why the black state is what it is. I'll try not to go into my psycho-rants, I'll probably just put up quotes, very simple, very easy to digest. Don't worry, I'll still posts my occasional brain-farts in-between, but someone should point this garbage out. We let too much wash over us and I'm sick of it.

Let's add NBC to the list.