Thursday, March 27, 2008

On a unrelated note... when did Bronson Pinchot get hot?

On my net travels, I find some weird stuff. On the heels of my decent into madness (via the TV Guide channel), I discovered season 5 of the Surreal Life a.k.a the Omorosa and Janice Show. Getting lost in the mix was Mr. Pinchot, Balki from Perfect Strangers. Oh, how many wasted pre-teen Friday nights spent goofing on my Mom for watching the TGIF lineup. Turns out he, unlike most of the people from those shows of yesteryear, is still working. He's a bit touchy-feely too, but lately, he's looking a hell of a lot better since SF5. And I think he had his nose tweaked because I used to think he had some Indian in him with that schnozz. This is the LAST guy on earth I would even think about that way, but since he is certifiably insane, he is cute and therefore gets a mention here. Hey Bronny give me a ring, I won't mind, it's been a while - could you tell?

...and don't tell my mom.

(Mr. Art Critic huh?, does anybody know when this is coming to dvd?)