Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yahoo Adult Profiles update.


This response from Yahoo Customer Service is in reference to the “Adult Content” removal even though the photo posted was “clean”. It explains it fairly well:

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Member Directory.

We have checked your account and it shows that one of your Yahoo!
profiles was set to Adult Profile even though your photo was considered
‘clean’. If you received our email on 3/26/2008, it was because your
profile was marked as adult, regardless if your photo was adult in
nature or clean.

Before, if you have adult material that you’d like to use on your
Yahoo! Profile, you were asked to set up an Adult Profile. This will give you
the freedom in choosing the content you’d like to place there.

However, as of 2008/04/09, mature content is no longer permitted within
Yahoo! Profiles. As a result, all photos in profiles marked as “Adult”
will be removed. We suggest you to change the status of your adult
Yahoo! Profile to a public profile."

Revolting isn't it? Once again it's all about dumbing down and catering to the "children," even if you don't have any. I should delete all of my info email and all, but... I've had it so long and it's comfortable and to change my emails around now would take - oh forget it, I'll just uncheck the damn box...

God, I'm an ass.