Friday, April 25, 2008


NEW YORK (CBS) ― In what marks the end of one of the most high-profile police-involved shooting trials in New York City, a judge has acquitted three NYPD detectives of all charges in the shooting death of 23-year-old Sean Bell on Friday. Bell was gunned down in a hail of 50 bullets outside a Queens strip club on what would have been his wedding day in November 2006.

Oh no... DUH!!! We knew nothing was going to happen to these guys. I knew long before it even went to the judge instead of a jury. I'm so sick of these "injustices" that only seem to happen to black people. Before you go call Sharpton then forget about the whole thing in a week, ask yourself: how come this doesn't happen any other ethnic group of people? Did this ever happen to a Jew? It has not, not because they bring up the Holocaust or call you an antisemite whenever criticized, it's because THEY PROTECT ONE ANOTHER AND THEY KNOW HOW TO THREATEN WITH THEIR MONEY! The so-called Black Community has money, we are major consumers, but until we re-learn the lessons from the Civil Rights movement, grow some balls and dignity and start screwing with Wall Street, we will continue to be seen as expendable sub-human criminals.