Friday, December 5, 2008

Another WOW!

I am a firm believer in posting things that I love and feel could expand someone's mind out there. This following quote is part of a reply to a post from an excellent blog that has opened a lot of eyes. Let's face it, black women better start waking up and begin looking out for their best interests, particulary in self-esteem and expanding their dating/marriage options. The 'nothing but a brother' shit is not working out too good:

"Even among professional circles in the BC, I'm seeing so much disdain and ridicule of BW who are focused on marriage, as if they're desperate and needy and have been "co-opted" by the patriarchy... when they're actually the smart ones. But no, the BC has to be so "different" and affirm countercultural mores that DO NOT WORK and we can't see the folly of our ways."