Sunday, December 21, 2008

Basically I just copied/pasted this to remember why I'm not into "black leaders."

1-Marcus Garvey talking "Up, You Mighty Race" Black talk, while choosing to marry a light, near-White looking woman.

2-Complaints from BW that W.E.B DuBois only used light-skinned women with naturally wavy hair as cover models for The Crisis Magazine.

3-Walter White of the NAACP dumping his Black wife of 20+ years for a White South African woman.

4-Dr. King cheating on Coretta with White women. All of which was audiotaped by Hoover's FBI, which tried to use these tapes to blackmail Dr. King into committing suicide.

5-Elijah Muhammad cheating on Sis. Clara Muhammad with dozens (if not hundreds) of mostly light-skinned women (and underage girls).

6-The Black Panthers' focus on having sex with non-Black women, as well as their extreme chauvinism.

7-Rev. "Baby Daddy" Jesse Jackson cheating on his wife. My mother kept an old magazine interview with Rev. Jackson from the early 1970s where he's quoted as saying "variety is the spice of life" when asked about his marriage.

8-Ben Chavis paying out NAACP money to settle a sexual harassment suit from a female employee.

9-Kweisi Mfume's scandal at the NAACP involving his womanizing. Also, didn't he have 5-6 sons out of wedlock (or something like that)?