Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun fact...

God really will and does supply you with all of your needs! I am not a fan of churches with their politics and bs, so I seek God in the natural world and the Bible (even there you should be careful, though any part of Psalms is excellent).

Mind you, I said needs, not wants. I've been a loner all of my life, the people I thought were "friends" were in my life briefly for whatever reason. My longest romantic relationship didn't even survive five months (baby-momma wanted him back as soon as he asserted some independence and he decided not to tell me), and that was over eight years ago. God definitely knows something I don't, which would explain my inability to connect with men and humans in general, yet I know so much about how their minds work (which is never for the betterment of others). so God keeps them away. I was in so much pain over it but now I know it's for the best and I thank Him every day for it. But my mind will forever be amazed how simply horrid human beings seem to foster and maintain relationships with others who could do much better. AND THEY LAST!!! Perhaps I should be even nastier, then lots of guys will adore me... such pieces of shit they all are.

Humans, truly "a virus with shoes" (thank you Bill Hicks).