Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm not surprised at all.

I'm listening to my boys Opie & Anthony (and lil' Jimmy Norton) talking about Wanda Sykes at the Correspondents' Dinner. I wonder why they - or anyone for that matter - be surprised that Rush Limbaugh hardly touched on it? Al Franken knew (and wrote about it) years ago that that sorry fuck won't confront anyone unless it can be on his terms. Of course he's not going to lambast Sykes, and he sure as shit will never, EVER take on Stephen Colbert (whose salvos have been simply ignored). He will not go after anyone who can shoot back, certainly not anyone smarter or or halfway wittier than him. Yet he can somehow beat Republican idiots into submission who dare criticize him because for some odd reason, they give him the power to do it. So no, I knew right away he'd be tight-lipped about her, he's an insecure twat who can only shout insults from his fortified enclosure (see Howard Stern - and don't get me started on the continued dietification of him at O&A's expense).

...I wonder if being born on January 12 has something to do with it all? hmmmmmmm...