Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The more things change...

I've recently renewed my relationship with God. It took my sister's testimony of His Grace to show me how messed up my life was. Found a nice church with decent people, started back reading His word. As better as I feel, I'm a little bummed at the word given to me regarding my single status, but it feels right. Maybe more people should admit this is true instead of that "someone for everybody" stuff. To God be the Glory:

"To all those with answers of starry eyed optimism, you are full of it.

I am involved heavily in charity works, doing as much good on the planet as I can. That means crap when it comes to a love life. Karma does not apply.

After only two attempts a relationship (I'm in my late 20's... yeah.), I have been dumped with full enthusiasm by the other person. I have attempted many relationships, but I was only able to manage to have any potential with those two, and they are long gone after a brief period of time.

They both said it was them, and not me.


I have come to accept that I am not meant to be in a fulfilling relationship.

Some people are meant to live and die alone. I am one of those people.

I have accepted that. The sooner others accept their own intended isolation, they will not feel upset or confused as to why it is not happening for them.

For a small percentage, it never will. I've always been a person who is in a small unique percentage for most everything, so this is no exception.

Enjoy life, and do not yern for things that are not intended for you.

Not everyone can be a respected athlete, a musician, a dancer, etc.

Same thing with love, not everyone is capable of being loved."