Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Originally Posted by Vibrenium

Homosexuality is a threat to our continued survival. The so called "Its okay because animals do it too" theory supposedly tells us its OK to be homo. I'm working on learning an argument to refute that. Don’t be intimidated ! Most of the time you encounter rationalists saying this , and refuting rationalists is super easy. If you watched “The atheist experience” there you have your typical rationalist liberal homo loving logic worshiping rationalist. Ask them what “the logical fallacy of appeal to nature” is (they love preaching logic) next ask them what animals exactly engage in homosexuality. Then ask them why homosexuality is OK. If they say “because animals do it” remind them that this is a logical fallacy (actually “appeal to nature”) . Remember the more hardcore rationalists will not allow you to ever finish this little Q&A and will start screaming to obscure their own rationalist rationalizations and self-contradiction. For everyone else who is not worshiping logic (disproving logic especially logical fallacies is super easy because logic is a form of superstition) : If someone says “X is good because animals do it” remind him that animals do a lot of things. Animals engage in rape constantly and overwhelmingly more times then engage in homosexuality. If its OK to legalize homosexuality why not legalize rape because animals do it?! If they still insist lets see what animals do else moths will fly into flames because they are evolved this way. Is this good or bad ? Is this a evolutionary failure or a success (rationalists love to worship evolution however evolution is a extremely pathetic process) ? And the final question how do they know homosexuality is not another failure of evolution like moths flying into flames ? They can not answer this because their arguments are nonsensical propaganda.