Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Step One:
Okay, find your current rom on your pc (the zip file) and open it with your favorite extractor (winrar is nice)(dictionary - I think 7zip is the best)

Step Two:
Go to the system/framework folder and extract services.jar file onto your desktop.

Step Three:
Now open services.jar and extract classes.dex to the desktop. Cut and paste classes.dex to your sdk/tools folder.

Step Four:
Now, download smali and baksmali.jar from link. Rename them smali.jar and baksmail.jar for easier typing later. Cut and paste those two into the SDK/tools folder also.

Step Five:
Open your command prompt and cd (change directory) to sdk/tools folder. Then type this exactly (without the quotes: "java -jar baksmali.jar -o classout/ classes.dex". Look at your sdk/tool folder... that should have created a folder called classout. Open it until you find your files.

Step Six:
Locate the 7 files with "throttleservices" in the title. Delete them! Now type this into command prompt: "java -Xmx512M -jar smali.jar classout/ -o new-classes.dex". That should repack your edited files and create a file called new-classes.dex...

Step Seven:
Cut and paste the new-classes.dex to your desktop and rename it classes.dex.

Step Eight:
Open your services.jar (that should be on the desktop) with winrar (or whatever)(dictionary - again, try/use 7zip) and click add file. Add the classes.dex file from your desktop. It might ask you to replace it or save or not (it will depend on your extractor).

Step Nine:
After you edited your services.jar, copy and paste it to your tools folder. Connect your phone via usb cable to the pc.

Step Ten:
Boot into clockwork recovery. In the clockwork menu, make sure you go to mounts and storage and click mount /system before this next step.

Step Eleven:
Now, open the command prompt from your pc again, and cd to sdk/tools folder (if you are already there, you can skip this step! Good for you).

Step Twelve:
Now type "adb push services.jar /system/framework/". Reboot your phone and enjoy!