Sunday, December 4, 2011

Osw. Slave, (3:53) Thou hast slain me:- villian, take my purse. If ever thou wilt thrive, (4:02) bury my body, and give the (4:05) letters which thous findest about me to (4:08) Edmund Earl of Gloster. (4:10) Seek him out upon the British party. :- O, (4:14) Untimely Death!
Edg. (4:23) I know thee well, a (4:25) serviceable villain. As duteous to the (4:27) vices of thy mistress as badness would desire.
Glo. What, is he dead?
Edg. (4:31) Sit you down father, rest you. (Ends) Let's see these pockets, the letters that he speaks of may be my friends.. He's dead. I am only sorry he had no other deaths man.

King Lear :)