Saturday, December 3, 2011

if you reverse genders... very powerful indeed

" Always think positive. Perhaps dating is not for you. Perhaps dating is not for you, now. When you are getting older and less bitter, some doors and keys for the womens world will open. I believe that there is a special meaning for each of us. Our existence does matter, single, lonely or not. Dont hop into that "then when I'll get the girl..."- talk because the only time is now. Stop being bitter, angry, resistant to change and hateful. Now I know that being single in a flawed point of view is worse than losing someone you love. Afterall, the second person at least experienced true romance for awhile.

The truth is that its better to be single than in a bad relationship. I believe to the absolute core of my soul that modern women are that of a pretty low quality. They are intellectually modest, whiny in conversations and depressing company. You could waste months with a bad mood because modern women are verbally aggressive. I also believe, that we, love shy's should just give up  . We have learnt to cope with being by ourselves and a relationship would be toxical or out of the question for us, because we're better off single. You can work, study and hang out with friends. Give up. When you have neutralized all them negative thoughts about women, your "company worth" as I like to call it, will raise to the max. 

My own choice for an adulthood life, rather, would be that of a life loving and caring life is without parent responsibilities or mood "stabilizers" with being in a relationship with a bitchy woman, is life as a single. You are much better off single. For now. Keep the gates open. Dont force yourselves to play any fucking PUA games or squeezing yourself into the modern market standards. Thats just wasted life, love and time. Life is a gift. The only time is now. Create some legendary and epic moments for the upcoming New Year 2011. I am only offering the short cut for your life than wasting precious years studying all the PUA, Cosmopolitan and bad boy crap that is out there.

Bottom line: Create a meaningful life based on different aspects than what would be a relationship with a girl. Its rarely without any drama so just settle with being single. Free yourself from the "male model" and other media demands and feel free to delve upon lifes high atmospheres. Life IS refutable. Your life is your life so it matters. It IS without a woman for now so dont get delusional or play the "what if"- game or the victim. Own your life and stand tall. Be brave. Fight till the bitter end. Cus life wont wait."