Sunday, August 26, 2007

Clapping Coissants and Rocking Lobsters

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: 24 March 2007 01:01

Years ago there was a commercial that used to come on for a sandwich spread, it may have been an early Shed Spread ad. at the end it showed a big plate with a variety of foods waiting bouncing around with glee in anticipation of being treated to this culinary delight, among them a croissant, repeatedly touching its ends together as if it were applauding. I remembered thinking to my 9-year-old self how cute it was and how cool it would have been to have that croissant as a pet. Maybe I could teach it to dance; cleaning up after it would have been a breeze. I even entertained the idea of taking one out of the freezer and keeping it in my room to see if it would come to life. I never went that far, but seriously considered it.

FYI, this commercial DID exist outside of my mind and my mother did NOT take any hallucinogens while she was carrying me.