Sunday, August 26, 2007

Refugee from the Anti-Socialist's Section (a.k.a the A.S.S.)

FUN FACT: This was the only post on the old blog that was commented on (see Gimmie some hits you Claymat slags!!!!), by a Gay, oops, Clay Aiken fan. I totally screwed up and lost it, but hopefully, there will be some more to goof on with the increased visibility from the move to Blogger. Now back to the show...

Since Michael Jackson and Clay Aiken were covered in our special Tribute pages, we will spare you, the faithfull reader with the gory details of their fandom and the horror it brings. I actually never liked Jacko (though I found a lot of his music compelling until the little boy thing) but will confess to falling under Glay's, oops, Clay's spell a few years back. Granted, I didn't go out and buy multiple copies of cds, but I thought he was cute in an odd way and appreciated his singing voice. Unfortunately, it turns out he is only in it for the money, as YouTube snippets show. He is not even a shadow of what he was now, and the gay is coming in loud and clear. A huge portion of his manufactured fanbase has dropped off, leaving only the crazed, over-protective old ladies who still want to do him while he's trolling for gay sex online. He himself has called himself bitter, the guy's life is just one big gay soap opera now, and don't we love those train wrecks? Yech.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of the way so I can make way for the next parade of yutzes that I will be showcasing on this blog, good and bad, with separate links for extreme circumstances only. It's a rather eclectic list, and even though I can count Nathan Lane as a former fave, at least I didn't have to guess his deal... until next time kiddies.