Sunday, March 20, 2011

More quotes from the orange website...

"The New Testament Epistles have done a great job in putting into perspective how the Old Testament relates to the NT. Hence, Paul spoke about the NT way of giving in the aforementioned scripture. He did not emphasize that the standard is 10%, nor did he quote Malachi 3 to tell the believers that they are cursed with a curse if they did not give. He simply told them - he who sows bountiful shall reap bountiful. Hence, it's up individuals to decide the amount to give. God is the one who will give the reward accordingly.

If a person decides that 10% is the standard they wish to follow... there's nothing wrong with that. Another may be able to give higher than 10%, while others can only afford smaller. This is what the text is alluding to when it says: let everyone give as they have purposed in their heart."

"800/month is too much money for one person to give to a church or any other charity, unless they are millionaires.

Especially in this uncertain economy. That would go a long way toward retirement and emergency savings.

Just my opinion."