Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Holy crap, I know this dude!!!!

Almost went for the okey-doke too, he was funny, odd and was the same height as Penn Jillette. Mommy couldn't handle the drama and attempts at mind-fucking. DAMN YOU SELF-RESPECT, LOL!!!!:

"I honestly believe that many black men intentionally do things to go to prison, it's the only place they can get away with not being a contributing member of society. Hang with the boys, get in fights, have all the sex they want, and just be useless. As soon as they are released, they find a brand new reason to get back in with haste. Those who can't tough it out in prison, just find a woman to sponge off and enjoy the good life; Feeling as though giving you their penis is your greatest reward for which you should be utterly grateful."

from HERE.