Monday, August 8, 2011

Not me, but...

Face it the Feminist have done some good but they have also screwed the pooch with their own men which is why White men date and marry out as much as they do. Too many White women do not realize what quality men they share their race with and take them for granted. Fatal error.

I have always found feminist to be an over privileged and entitled set of women who seek their own fulfillment at the expense of woman of color.

Who do you think they hire to keep their houses clean and raise their kids while they are out climbing mountains. Or sitting on their behinds at lunch in the after noon with their girlfriends. That right, “The Help.”

No, so long as Black women remain fat, downtrodden and unattractive, so long as Black Women are charged with single handedly raising their kids, rescuing Adult Black men and salvaging the Black Community they are no competition for them.

Sorry Jezie gals but I love being one of those ladies who lunch and shop then come home to put my feet up secure because I have a quality man in my life who provides that with me.

Further I don’t want to be your family caregiver doing the jobs you don’t want to do while you chase your dreams. I have dreams of my own and I will live them."