Friday, August 5, 2011

Not from me, but...

"It is ironic that one of the largest expenses
our Country currently absorbs are the 2
wars we are fighting overseas. Both of
these conflicts were waged by GOP
administration with the full backing of
almost every GOP member of the House &
Senate & one has proven to be a complete
waiste of money, yet now they want to
lecture on fiscal responsibility. Give me a
Also, Ron Paul is correct that Govt
spending is out of control & must be
reigned in. Our debt is out of control &
must be addressed, but if they recognize
the crisis of carrying such a large debt how
can they not see the need to raise taxes?
How in the world can we justify not asking
the richest of Americans who have seen
their incomes grow at a much greater rate
than the rest of America, to not make any
sacrifices? More remarkable are the middle
class sheep who continue to vote against
their best interest while the richest
Americans laugh all the way to the bank"